Monday, October 6, 2014

Phillips Farm

I found a groupon for the pumpkin patch/corn maze just down the road from our house. The deal expired on Sunday, October 5th and the place closes at 6pm. The Streett family pulled into the parking lot at 5pm. I think the countless photo ops made it a $12 well spent.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jumping Rope

Willa wants to do everything the big kids in the neighborhood can do.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pics with the PA visitors

Reading books with cousins. Also, getting ready to head to the pool!

Aunt Jamie and the little ones

The crew hanging out at the UNC baseball facility. AJ got a preview of what his week was going to look like. Thanks to all the Carolina folks for showing us around!

Also got some quality time with grandma. Someone was still in her pajamas.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missing Pictures

The Streett family went to Iowa City over the July 4th to spend time with the Arnold/Green/Goebel/Stiles clan. I only have pictures from our flight to Iowa City. No one would want to see pictures from our return flight. My sweet daughter grew horns and a tipped tail. Also, there wouldn't have been any smiles on the faces of Daren or myself.

At the end of July we had Daren's family stay with us for the weekend and Daren's nephew stayed with us for the week to attend the UNC Baseball camp. Again, I didn't take any pictures and am at the mercy of Daren's SIL sister (Oops! Thanks for the call out Jamie)  for photographic proof they were here.

What I do have pictures of is Willa's bang trim. Since my child can't leave a hair bow in for more than five was time to get hacked. All curls remained untouched.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Odds and Ends

How do people find time to blog with a toddler? It often crosses my mind but that is about it. The actual action doesn't take place. Here are some quick snapshots of what happened in the Streett household during June and the start of July.

We are working on getting Willa to eat more real foods. I think she enjoyed the ketchup and ranch more than the chicken nuggets.

This kid always wants to be outside! Sadly, the heat and humidity of North Carolina have descended upon us. We have to go outside in short bursts and make the most of our time.
Ice water is a favorite for Willa. Here is the little thief after stealing my drink and running to hide in the playroom.
This is the morning of Daren's 39th birthday. I think Willa added the hat as a special touch to dress up for Daddy. Sadly, that was day 6+ of my sinus congestion and cough. Thankfully we had friends who decided to help us celebrate the day because all I wanted to do was sleep.
 Birthday pie!

Our friends the Evans' are letting Willa borrow this awesome bike. She loves to peddle around the house. Well, she was all happy until she hit the carpet by the couch. Her face broke her fall. I snatched her up real quick expecting to see some crooked teeth. Thankfully all she suffered was a busted lip just before we flew to Iowa. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Doctors!

Willa had two appointments within a few days of each other and both doctors are super pleased with Willa's gains. First we saw the GI doctor at UNC. We have not been back to UNC since Willa's uneventful endoscopy. Willa weighed in at a whopping 21.2 pounds and is up to 32 inches in length. WE ARE ON THE GROWTH CHARTS!

GI is so pleased that we are making zero changes in meds and going to continue the same path. We are also going to attempt to stop the 1230am dream feed and see if not getting that nighttime bottle causes her appetite to spike during the day. I'm all for this plan because it means I can keep on sleeping.

We will continue to track Willa's caloric consumption and also need to keep trying to introduce her to "real" foods. I'm hopeful that making the transition to a daycare facility on August 4th will also assist with Willa eating the same foods as her peers. We will go back for another GI in September to give the doctors a status update since starting daycare.

We had Willa's 18 month appointment, only slightly delayed, less than a week after seeing GI. Dr Dunk was also very happy to see Willa's weight make a big jump. Also, Willa's developmental changes are obvious.  Willa babbles nonstop, but not that you can understand everything, is super inquisitive and always on the move. Willa also got her last round of shots until kindergarten. Her only routine shot will be the flu shot. I'm sure Willa would express her appreciation if she understood what I just typed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Water Fun

My apologies if you have the "Motorboat" song in your head by the end of this video.